Published February 12th, 2018 by Reposit Power

Get paid and ward off heatwaves with a solar battery

Get paid and ward off heatwaves with a solar battery

An unfortunate side effect of warding off the sticky Australian heat with our air conditioners is the high power bill that comes with maintaining our comfort, but there is a solution - smart solar battery systems. Not only can they help keep your house cool and comfortable but you can also make a bit of money.

Keep your cool this summer with a solar battery and GridCredits:

Imagine this... it’s a sweltering hot day, you and all your neighbours are cranking your air conditioners to beat the heat but then you get a notification on your phone buzzzzz…. an electricity company has just paid you $7 while you’re enjoying a cup of tea in the comfort of your own home!

While you were enjoying your tea, your Reposit solar battery system was doing something really important. It was selling the stored energy in your solar battery for an extraordinary price and you earned $7 worth of GridCredits.

Unlike most of us who pay a price for keeping cool on hot days, you made a bit of money, because you’ve been smart, added a Reposit solar battery system and signed up to a GridCredits electricity plan.

And you’re not the only one who benefits. You join together with a small band of homeowners who sell their stored energy to help our electricity grid when it needs it. This summer we’ve seen lots of these events happen, usually on hot summer days when everyone is using lots of energy and our grid is under strain. This is called a Virtual Power Plant. 

Reposit GridCredits: How to survive heatwaves with GridCredits!

Like one of our customers told The Age:

"It's not going to buy me a new car but the thing that it did give us was … a little nice feeling that we've done something useful, we've helped the Victorian power system just get over a little hurdle."

Not only do you earn GridCredits every time you sell your stored energy, but a Reposit solar battery system is designed to get you the lowest power bills all year round through our state-of-the-art smart software.

Any household that has a solar energy setup that includes a Reposit-compatible solar battery can get involved. Once a household is connected with a Reposit product, the next step is getting signed up to receive GridCredits® with one of our partnered electricity companies.

It’s time to look forward to your next power bill with GridCredits and Reposit Power.Need help deciding on the right solar battery system for your home?