Published December 7th, 2018 by Reposit Power

Got solar? Make the next step with a solar battery!

Got solar? Make the next step with a solar battery!

Got solar? Make the next step with a solar battery!

You’ve made the smart decision to install solar panels at your house, why not make the next smart decision by adding a solar battery?

But why should you get a solar battery, what exactly is involved and what do you need to do before and after its installed? Well, don’t stop reading! We’ve got the answers.

Why should you get a solar battery?

There are a number of reasons why Australians are turning to solar battery setups, but a leading factor is the ability to gain control over your power bills through self-consumption of solar power.

During the day your solar panels soak up the sun, generating ‘free’ electricity that you can use to power your home. Needless to say, using your power-hungry appliances when your panels are generating electricity will reduce your bill. But if you’re not home during the day, instead of selling this power you can store it for when your household needs it.

By adding a solar battery the energy your solar setup produces can be stored.Instead of sending all the energy your solar panels are generating during the day back to the electricity grid, with a solar battery you can store the energy your solar panels generate for use at night.

So, you’re getting on board? Awesome! Your hip pocket will thank you.

If you’re actively considering battery storage for your own house, we’ve compiled a list of 6 things that will put you well on your way towards making the right decision.

Steps for getting a solar battery on your roof!

Step 1: Research and speak to an expert about your household's needs. We all use energy differently, it's important to get a setup tailored to your family and get your facts together. Want some help? Speak to Reposit

Step 2: Speak to an expert accredited solar installer and obtain quotes (Reposit can recommend installers in your area)

Step 3: Select your battery setup and pay your deposit

Step 4: Book in your installation date with an accredited installer

Step 5: Research and speak with electricity companies to compare the best plan for your location and setup. (Yep, Reposit can help you here as well)

Step 6: Sit back and relax, knowing you made the smart decision for your household.

Download the solar battery checklist today

Want smarter savings? Let smart technology whip your solar battery into shape and reduce your bill.

Without Reposit, your battery is basically a brainless vessel, incapable of thinking on its own. It would never consider recharging 24 hours before cloud cover hits, or learning when and how your household uses electricity.

The Reposit Box is like a drill sergeant for your solar and battery set-up. It learns when and how your household uses electricity – and haggles with the electricity companies to sell any excess energy in your battery for the highest possible price.Learn more about how Reposit Power can help you reduce your electricity bill

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