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Our company mission is to make energy limitless and free for all Australians.

Energy visionaries

Who are we?

Since 2012, we have been building our technology, right here in Australia. Our team and our technology work hand in hand to make using electricity in Australian homes simple and free. Reposit brings together electricity technology, expertise and experience to deliver products that improve our customer’s lives and the world they live in.

Photo of the Reposit team on stage receiving the Engineers Australia Sir William Hudson
Our Guiding Principles

Reposit Values

Our values, created by the team who live and breathe them daily. They define our culture and play an important role in how we hire our staff. Our values direct how we work, make decisions and communicate with our customers.

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We don’t let barriers stand in our way to success.

Icon for the Reposit value of visionary - a telescope that allows you to see around corners


We are forward thinkers who find opportunities where others don’t.

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Engineering Rigour

We find creative solutions in analytical ways.

Icon for the Reposit value of approachable - a caricature of Mike, the Reposit CTO


We want people to feel comfortable and appreciated.

Icon for the Reposit value of passionate - a caricature of a jolly, keen bean


We enjoy what we do and believe in its importance.

Icon for the Reposit value of no fuss - a poop emoji with a cross through it

No Fuss

We engage with everyone simply and honestly.

A Brief History

What better named coffee shop could you dream of meeting your future business partner than at Maximus Cafe? Some time ago two massive nerds, each with very niche specialties met for a one (which turned into five) hour coffee to talk about all things energy and finance. Dean Spaccavento had just left his swanky job as the Head of Technology at an energy startup and Dr Lachlan Blackhall had just finished his PhD in basically rocket science.

Almost a decade later the Reposit team has grown to over 30 staff, and won the best regarded Engineering award in Australia. Take a walk with us through the Reposit journey.

Photo of Reposit's co-founders Dean and Lachlan in the Reposit office
Through the Years

Reposit in the Media

Here is a collection of news articles, press releases and mentions.

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