Published April 24th, 2019 by Reposit Power

How Reposit Power looks after your home when you're away


Life is busy, we all need time to switch off and get away from time to time. But leaving our homes can be very stressful. Before we leave our homes, what feels like a million different things have to be taken care of and organised.

Aside from packing and quadruple-checking our luggage, we prepare our houses before we leave. We ask our neighbours to collect the mail, we double check every lock and some of us even set timers on our electronics. 

For those of you on Time-of-Use energy plans, we’ve created a handy new feature available through the Reposit app that we like to call Hibernate. Simply put, the Hibernate function puts your power usage on pause while you are off recharging your own batteries.

Not on a Time-of-Use energy plan? We've got a handy guide to work out if it's right for you!

What is Hibernate?

Reposit is smart. Reposit Power monitors your power usage habits to make predictions on how much energy you will need. But, while you’re  away from your home, your solar energy will still be working just as hard as if you were still there. We know this isn’t a smart use of all of that glorious solar power you’re generating so we created Hibernate. Hibernate helps you make the most of your break and can even help you earn a little extra spending money on the side.

How Reposit Hibernate works

By telling the Reposit box your travel dates, your Reposit will know to optimise your battery set up for minimal energy usage. Your Reposit will also pause it’s learning function. This means that the your Reposit box will be able to remember your current energy usage patterns so there's no need to worry about that morning blast of heat at 6am while you’re bleary eyed and reaching for the first cup of coffee. We’ve got the power to get you going!

Will my house still use solar power while I’m away?

Of course! Even when you’re not at home, there are a lot of appliances that still use power. Let’s not forget things like fridges, TV set top boxes, security lights and alarm systems require power 24/7 to run properly. If your Reposit senses that you still need to pull power from the grid, it will make sure it is done in the most cost effective way possible and store it for when you need it.

What happens to all my excess solar energy not needed to power my home?

The easy answer is that Hibernate will export any excess energy back to the electricity grid, but we’re a bit smarter than that so that’s not all. Because you’ve told the Reposit box when you’re away, it knows you won’t be doing things like cooking, using air con or charging laptops so it will know to discharge as much energy as possible keeping some in reserve for your return as well as those smaller, less energy draining devices we mentioned before like security lights.

Not being at home means you’re paying to stay somewhere else and let’s face it, every little bit helps. Hibernate will help you save money while you’re away by pausing any non-essential purchases from the grid meaning more pocket money for you.

How to turn on Hibernate?

The Hibernate feature couldn’t be easier to use! Simply log into your Reposit app, go to settings toggle to Hibernate, set the dates and pack your bags and enjoy knowing Reposit is doing all the wheeling, dealing, hustling and penny-pinching that comes with energy management.

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