Published February 21st, 2018 by Reposit Power

Your comfort or cheap power bill? Have both with a solar battery!

Your comfort or cheap power bill? Why not have both!

Comfort or cheap electricity? It’s a win win with a Reposit smart solar and battery system.

With sweltering temperatures and rising electricity prices how can you choose between staying cool and saving on your bill?

The better question is, why should you have to?

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), we (excluding Western Australia and the Northern Territory) now pay 44 per cent more for electricity than we did a decade ago.

Australian electricity prices are currently one of the highest in the world. With the Australian head of global renewable firm SunEnergy1 saying they’re worse than some third world countries!

The ACCC also found Australian customers are paying between $100 to $200 more for electricity than what should be considered reasonable, while a recent McKell Institute report found this could rise by up to $430 more on average by the end of 2019.

With no relief in sight, don’t ever put yourself in a position where you have to choose between comfort or lower power bills again. Get the best of both worlds, by installing a Reposit smart solar battery system. Maintain your comfort while lowering your power bill without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Comfort or cheap electricity? It’s a win win with a Reposit smart solar and battery system.

Finally use energy the way you want without the guilt and lower your power bill in the process. 

Just how much is your comfort costing you?

  • Air conditioning costs Australians more than $1.3 billion over the summer alone. The air conditioner adds approximately $578 to your household’s quarterly electricity bill. But with a Reposit smart solar and battery system you can relax without the stress about your upcoming power bill and stay cool and comfortable.

  • Swimming pools are great for cooling off on a summer's day especially with the sweltering heatwaves we’ve been having. They're also big energy guzzlers - a typical inground pool can account for up to 30 per cent of a household's energy bills.  A pool pump can be the largest electricity costing culprit in your home, sometimes using more energy than your washing machine, clothes dryer and dishwasher combined!

  • Who wants to do the washing up? No one!  That’s why many of us have a dishwasher.  Washing by hand although ‘free’ uses far more water than a dishwasher does.  Your sink takes 20-25 litres of water whereas a standard dishwasher only uses 13 litres. Not to mention the hard work of hand washing! So you’re better off using the dishwasher - the only drawback is that your dishwasher can chew through your power bill. It can add up to 37 cents per load for a cold quick cycle without your water costs to your electricity bill, depending on when you’re turning it on.

    Wash away your worries with our dishwasher guide

Choose comfort and a cheap power bill

A Reposit smart solar and battery system means you can turn on your pool pump without worrying about post summer bill shock. Blast the air conditioner, turn on the dishwasher (anytime!) and use the dryer guilt-free without the added cost to your electricity bill.

But how does a Reposit smart solar and battery system maintain your lifestyle? And lower your power bill?

Working with your solar panels, a smart solar battery system can predict how much electricity your panels will create, and will know when to store this in your battery to lower your power bills.

Some electricity plans charge different prices at different times throughout the day for using energy.  A smart solar battery, will store the electricity generated from your solar panels in your battery for you to use at night when electricity is most expensive.

When your solar battery is full and your solar panels are producing more energy than your household is using, any energy you use at home during this time is essentially free.

Investing in a solar battery with Reposit Power’s smart software will save you money while letting you enjoy your air conditioner, day or night. It lets you turn on your dishwasher and your pool pump when you want - so you can sit back and relax, without the stress about your upcoming power bill.

Find out more about Reposit’s smart monitoring software, or get in touch with us today.  We can help you find the right system for your home to get the best of both worlds -  lower your power bill without compromising on your comfort.