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The following FAQs are for customers considering our No Bill™ product. For existing Reposit customers, please contact our Customer Support Team:

No Bill™ is a solar and battery system for your home that comes with a guarantee that you will pay no electricity bill for at least 5 years.

We design, supply and install a solar and battery system with a Reposit controller at your home. We then work with your electricity retailer to have your electricity bills sent to us and we take care of paying them in full and on time. Once your No Bill™ system is installed, we continue to pay your bill for at least 5 years.

Using your Reposit controller, our team then keeps a close eye on your No Bill™ solar and battery system to make sure it is working as it should. If we notice something has gone wrong with your system, we will take care of getting it back up and running.

Reposit manages the energy from your solar panels and batteries to deliver electricity to you and to the wider grid in a way that costs the least but earns the most money. We take the financial risk that comes with offering No Bill™ and manage it with our Reposit controller.

This means we can cover your electricity usage costs, and make enough money to do the same for more Australians as we grow.

Reposit No Bill™ is currently available to any homes in VIC, the ACT and greater Sydney regions that have room for solar and batteries but do not have existing solar. We plan on making No Bill™ available to other regions in Australia soon.

If you live in Victoria, the ACT or Sydney regions and already have solar panels on your home, you may still be eligible for No Bill™. While not available yet, Reposit No Bill™ Battery will be for sites with existing solar, and will be coming soon.

Once you register your interest in No Bill™ with us, we will arrange for our electrician to visit your home and perform a site inspection to make sure it is suitable.

After your first 5 years of Reposit No Bill™ you may be given an opportunity to rejoin the program for another 5 years. You are also free to leave Reposit No Bill™ and have your solar and battery system continue to work for you, but begin receiving electricity bills again. There may be a cost to rejoin the program after the first 5 year period, but that price will be determined closer to the rejoin date.

You do. You own the hardware installed at your house from day one through to end of life. Even if you chose to not rejoin No Bill™ again after 5 years, you still own your solar and battery system.

We will help you in transferring your electricity bill to us, so you won’t have to see it again for at least 5 years. Our process works with all electricity retailers and in most cases can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Reposit will begin paying your electricity bills from the day your No Bill™ system is operational and your electricity bills have been transferred to us.

Yes. The maximum annual electricity bill to be eligible for Reposit No Bill™ is $3,000 in ACT and $3,500 in NSW and VIC. If your bill is larger than this, get in touch with us and we will ask you some more questions to see if No Bill™ may be right for you.

Yes, you can use up to 120% of the electricity you used in the corresponding quarter of the 12 months prior to you having No Bill™ installed. For example, if your household consumed 1,000 kWh in the period 1 January 2020 to 31 March 2020, then in the period 1 January 2021 to 31 March 2021 you can use up to 1,200kWh.

Reposit will let you know if you are getting close to your usage cap in any given quarter, and if you violate your usage cap. If you violate your usage cap three times during the term, Reposit may terminate your No Bill™ contract.

If your contract is terminated, you will still own your solar and battery system, but Reposit will no longer deliver Reposit No Bill™ services as outlined in the T&Cs, e.g. management of your bill and maintenance of your system.

We will ask you to send us copies of at least your last 4 electricity bills (covering at least 12 months) before we confirm a site inspection date with you. This helps us make sure No Bill™ is right for you.

The price of your Reposit No Bill™ system is as displayed on your instant quote.

Additional costs may arise if there are modifications required to your home’s existing electrical infrastructure. Our electrician will take a look at your home during the site inspection and let us know if any electrical works unrelated to the Reposit No Bill™ product are required before a Reposit No Bill™ system can be installed. The cost of any required site works identified will be additional to the cost of your No Bill™ system. We will walk you through any additional site works necessary and can provide you a quotation for these works.

Reposit does not provide financing to purchase the Reposit No Bill™ system. We’ve found that some customers finance their Reposit No Bill™ via their home mortgage to take advantage of low interest rates. Let us know if you are interested in exploring this option.

Yes, our terms and conditions are available on our website.

We install only tier 1 solar panels, SolaX Inverters and SolaX batteries.

No, we have selected brands that we know well and trust. Under No Bill™ Reposit relies on your solar and battery system to work consistently over many years,so every installation of a Reposit No Bill™ system is designed with reliability in mind.

Reposit. Whilst you completely own the asset on your home, it's our responsibility to ensure the system is working well. Once installed and during your No Bill™ Term, Reposit support will monitor your No Bill™ system to make sure there are no issues with its operation.

Reposit support will contact you to arrange for an electrician to visit your system if we detect a problem. You should be prepared to help us find a time for that site visit to take place.

You will be responsible for ensuring the system is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Reposit support will be available to guide you if you are unsure about what to do.

Yes you do. Approval is required from your local distributor to connect a solar PV system to the Reposit and approved prior to installation.

In most cases, no. Instead Reposit will use a 4G connection that we provide where there is reliable 4G connectivity at your home. The cost of this 4G connection is included in the price of your No Bill™ system and you will never be charged ongoing data costs. Your home internet connection may be used by Reposit if 4G connectivity is unreliable at your home. If your home internet connection is used by Reposit data usage will be approximately 500Mb per month, but may vary month-to-month.

Yes, all of our installers have CEC accreditation. Accreditation numbers can be provided if requested when the installation of your No Bill™ system is scheduled.

The value of the STCs and available battery subsidies are already discounted from the price we have advertised for the complete Reposit No Bill™ system.

However, for your reference the STC’s will appear on your quote, along with the itemised hardware being installed at your home.

Yes. We have thousands of residential batteries in our fleet right across Australia operating well in both hot and cold climates.

Barely, the noise emissions of inverters and batteries are under 25 decibels - like the sound of a leaf falling.

Any and all upgrades to your household’s electricity consumption are all totally fine, and actually encouraged. However, you will need to let Reposit know about your planned upgrades, to ensure they won’t impact the “Fair Use” requirements of the Reposit No Bill™ product. We are more than happy to accommodate any new products you are looking into, and are excited to discuss those plans with you.

We love feedback! Please email or call our friendly customer service team on 1800 773 851. You can also check out our contact us page for more information.

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