Frequently Asked Questions


Does Reposit work with smart home technology?

Yes, you can connect your smart home technology with Reposit using IFTTT. Using IFTTT, Reposit can automatically turn on your power-hungry appliances using smart home technology when your solar battery is full and your solar panels are generating excess ‘free’ energy. Learn how Reposit works with smart home technology.

Can any home use a Reposit Box?

YES! If you don’t currently have solar panels and a battery installed at your home, you can still install a Reposit Box to monitor when and how you use your electricity. It will show you how much you could save if you had a Reposit-Powered solar set-up.

If you already have solar panels, Reposit can easily be installed to optimise your set-up and it works with all existing solar panels. If you’re looking to have a solar battery installed, find out which are compatible with Reposit here.

How much money can I save with a Reposit Box?

Every home is different, but 62% of NSW customers with a Reposit-Powered solar and battery set-up pay less than $2 a day for their electricity. 

How does Reposit Power make my solar and battery work harder?

Reposit Power has a unique way of outsmarting the big energy providers in a way only the smartest technology can.

Reposit learns when and how your household uses electricity and predicts how much solar you will generate up to 24 hours in advance.

It then uses this information to sell any excess energy back to the grid at peak times (when the cost is high!), and waits for off-peak periods (when the cost is lowest) to fill your solar battery up with energy again if needed.

What is a battery without Reposit?

Without smart control, your battery is basically a brainless vessel, incapable of thinking on its own. It would never consider recharging 24 hours before cloud cover hits, or rewarding your household with GridCredits® to help lower your bill. In fact, batteries don’t even know that money exists (which is why they’re not very good at saving it).

How much does a Reposit Box cost?

A Reposit Box costs between $700 – $1800 fully installed. We give you this range price, because the cost of installation will depend on where you live and how much the installer charges. Get in touch for more information.


Who installs the box?

When you buy a Reposit Box from us, we organise one of the solar installers we partner with to install it, at a time that suits you.

Does the box use my home internet?

Yes, it only uses 350MB bandwidth per month (like watching watching one episode of “The Crown” on NETFLIX).

How big is the Reposit Box?

The box is only 90mm x 72mm and fits neatly onto or next to your electrical switchboard.

Does the box work in the rain or snow?

Yes, the box works equally well in all weather. It’ll work in temperatures from -10 degrees to 55 degrees Celsius.

Does the box come with a warranty?

Of course! Every Reposit Box comes with a 5-year warranty.


Can I view the information that the box gathers?

Yes, of course. You can see your household’s energy usage (and cost!) in real-time at any time on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

How do I know if my Reposit Box is working correctly?

No matter where you are, you can use the app to see that your box is working around the clock. If you’re unsure, please contact

Can Reposit tell me if my battery or solar panels are working correctly?

Yes, you can use the app to see that your solar panels and battery are working. If you see a problem, get in touch and we’ll help you.


What are GridCredits?

Unique to Reposit Power, GridCredits® is a special kind of ‘currency’ reserved just for our customers. GridCredits® are worth $1 each and you can use them to reduce your electricity bill. You get GridCredits® in exchange for selling your excess solar energy back to the grid. The amount you get depends on your location, electricity plan and the size of your solar set-up.