Stop wasting time thinking about electricity

Install our solar and battery Reposit No Bill™ package and we'll guarantee you no electricity bill for 5 years.

Offer not available to existing solar owners.

Reposit No Bill™

Guaranteed no electricity bill for five years

Reposit will design, supply, and install a Reposit-controlled solar and battery package that is right for your home. Then Reposit will take responsibility for your electricity bill - including all fees, charges and taxes - in full and on time for 5 years guaranteed.

Not having an electricity bill means you can choose how and when you use your heating, air-conditioner, clothes dryer and other appliances. Live comfortably and let Reposit worry about keeping the cost and carbon down.

This package is only available to households without existing solar.

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We take care of all of this for you.

Rob and Jen - Solar with battery customers

We didn't have to worry about anything.

We made the decision to buy the No Bill™ package and Reposit organised everything, the install ran smoothly, the system looks neat and it is so nice to be able to pop the dryer on and not have to worry about it.

Rob & Jen

Latham, Canberra

review stars

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Happy family using sustainable solar and battery energy from the sun
This offer is for you

Just imagine if...

  • You could install a complete solar and battery package for the first time with no hassle
  • You could stop worrying about your next electricity bill
  • You were completely free to use power when needed to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter
  • You knew that the rapid changes affecting the electricity system would not impact you financially for at least five years
  • You felt confident that the solar and battery bundle installed at your home is well designed, reliable and is being taken care of by experts
How do I get Reposit No Bill™?

As Simple as 1, 2, 3... Gone!

Never thinking about electricity again couldn't be easier. Our team does the hard work and we keep you informed from quote to installation.

Icon of a brain depicting intelligence

1. Find out if you're eligible

Give us 30 seconds of your time and some of your details and we will email you a tailored quote with an exact price. Our friendly sales team will be in touch to book a site inspection.

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2. Book site inspection

Our licensed electricians visit your home for a site inspection. With your system design and quote in hand, simply pay the 10% deposit and we will arrange an installation date with you.

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3. Installation day

Enjoy being comfortable knowing our team of professionals are installing your system. As soon as the install is done we will transfer your bill to Reposit.

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4. Live comfortably

Stay warm in winter, cool in summer, turn on your clothes dryer and boil your kettle at anytime of the day, knowing Reposit has your bill covered.

Reposit No Bill™ is simple

It's simple. That's why it works.

Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered!

The Solar panels and battery are 100% owned by you from the day they are installed. Think of them as an asset that is similar to your oven or heater in your home. When you sell or move these items remain within the house. Reposit will contact the new homeowner/tenant to discuss an agreement with the operating of the system. The contract of No Bill for 5 years will need to be agreed on with Reposit and the new homeowner/tenant due to privacy laws. We simply ask you notify us before you leave the property.

All Reposit No Bill™ systems include solar panels, batteries, Reposit controller and installation. Get an via email to find out the exact cost in your area.

After your first 5 years of Reposit No Bill™ you may be given an opportunity to rejoin the program for another 5 years. You are also free to leave Reposit No Bill™ and have your solar and battery system continue to work for you, but begin receiving electricity bills again. There may be a cost to rejoin the program after the first 5 year period, but that price will be determined closer to the rejoin date.

Yes, you can use up to 120% of the electricity you used in the corresponding quarter of the 12 months prior to you having No Bill™ installed. For example, if your household consumed 1,000 kWh in the period 1 January 2020 to 31 March 2020, then in the period 1 January 2021 to 31 March 2021 you can use up to 1,200kWh.

Reposit will let you know if you are getting close to your usage cap in any given quarter, and if you violate your usage cap. If you violate your usage cap three times during the term, Reposit may terminate your No Bill™ contract.

If your contract is terminated, you will still own your solar and battery system, but Reposit will no longer deliver Reposit No Bill™ services as outlined in the T&Cs, e.g. management of your bill and maintenance of your system.

Any and all upgrades to your household’s electricity consumption are all totally fine, and actually encouraged. However, you will need to let Reposit know about your planned upgrades, to ensure they won’t impact the “Fair Use” requirements of the Reposit No Bill™ product. We are more than happy to accommodate any new products you are looking into, and are excited to discuss those plans with you.

Got more questions? Try our full FAQ

More Frequently Asked Questions
The Solar Tax

And what about the solar tax?

At Reposit Power, we get all the complications and confusion that come with installing solar in your home. That’s why we take care of everything for you including the solar tax.

  • No worry about the solar tax for the next 5 years
  • Tier 1 solar panels
  • Installed by CEC accredited electricians
  • No electricity bills for the next 5 years
  • More than 11kWh of solar battery storage
  • Enjoy using clean electricity as you want

I've been using the Reposit Power system for several years now with a domestic battery and 6.6kW PV solar system.

The Reposit system just works seamlessly in the background, optimising the battery utilisation. Reposit has even identified and notified me of problems with our hardware that would otherwise have gone unnoticed for some time.

It's a great system, supported and managed by a knowledgeable human crew that are locally based. From a user perspective, it just runs itself - it's a problem solver, and I like that it makes no demands for my attention.


Hunter Region, NSW

review stars

Philip uses solar with Reposit for his home in the Hunter Region

Reposit's No Bill™ Guarantee

The Reposit Smart Controller manages the energy from your solar panels and batteries to deliver electricity to you and to the wider grid, in a way that costs the least but earns the most money.

You can feel secure with your choice because we take the financial risk of paying your bills for 5 years.

All of the research was done for me! The Reposit 'No Bill' bundle made it simple to purchase a complete solar and battery package.


Canberra, ACT

review stars

Roy is a Reposit No Bill™ customer with solar and battery
Comparison Table

We know we’re the best choice for your home

But just in case you were wondering about the others...1

Reposit No Bill™ Tesla Sonnen ShineHub Social Energy Evergen Local Solar Installer
Can I get solar and battery as a package? Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
What battery will I get? SolaX Tesla Sonnen LG Chem or Alpha ESS Duracell Various Manufacturers Various Manufacturers
What is the product warranty? 10 years on all hardware 10 years on battery 10 years on battery Manufacturer warranty Manufacturer warranty Manufacturer warranty Manufacturer warranty
Will my electricity bills be gone for 5 years, guaranteed?2 Yes No No No No No No
What will my electricity bill savings be? 100% of your current costs $220/year Fixed + Variable $400/year Fixed + Variable Variable Variable Variable Variable
Are my cost savings guaranteed? Yes, you will not see another electricity bill Partially Partially No No No No
Can I stay with my current retailer? Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Who monitors and looks after the ongoing performance of my system? Reposit You You You You You You
Will I be protected against the upcoming sun tax3? Yes, Reposit takes care of your bills No, you are still responsible for your bills No, you are still responsible for your bills No, you are still responsible for your bills No, you are still responsible for your bills No, you are still responsible for your bills No, you are still responsible for your bills

1All information correct as of 16-Dec-2021.
2“Electricity bills” means the periodic statement of account from your electricity retailer, usually sent quarterly.

Eligibility Check

Is your home eligible for Reposit No Bill™?

Discover if you’re eligible for Reposit No Bill™ by taking this quick quiz! Our team will send you an instant quote if you are eligible. This bundle is only applicable to households without existing solar.

Reposit Team helps you pick the best solar with battery for your home

The Good Stuff

Our experienced team has carefully selected a solar with battery package that will work best for you. Reposit works with the manufacturers of the equipment we install to unlock its full potential. Because Reposit is paying your bills even if your solar and battery system is not working, we wear the risk that comes with hardware and installer choice. This means that you can rest easy knowing we've picked gear that will last and an installer who will do a high quality job.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are installed on your roof and generate electricity from sunshine.

  • Tier 1 Solar Panels
  • Minimum of 6.6 kW
Product photo of generic tier 1 solar panels
Product photo of a SolaX hybrid inverter


At the center of your system, inverters connect the power from your solar panels and battery to your home and the grid. They're the real workhorse of the operation.

  • SolaX Hybrid Inverter
  • Power output 5-10 kW*

Solar Battery

The solar battery stores electricity when it is abundant and releases it when it is needed.

  • SolaX Triple Power T58
  • Storage capacity: 11.6-23.2 kWh*
Product photo of a SolaX solar battery

*The grid is complex and there are rules and regulations that must be followed when connecting solar and batteries. Reposit understands this complexity well and we'll select the best possible configuration for you so you don't have to think about it.

The Reposit Team
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Live more comfortably and take your first step into a clean energy future with Reposit No Bill™.

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