Reposit is an award winning, quick and easy add-on for your existing solar battery. Reposit makes the most of the smart decision you have already made by installing a battery in your home.

Genius for your Solar Battery

  • Reposit can top up your battery when grid electricity is cheap in preparation for those cloudy days
  • Make your first step into smart home automation with Reposit’s IFTTT integration
  • Improve the visibility of your battery and get real-time insights delivered to your smart phone from Reposit's advanced app
  • Gives you opportunities to make money from your battery by being part of a Virtual Power Plant
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Upgrade your App

  • See your real-time and predicted household usage, energy costs, solar generation and battery state of charge
  • View and track your power bill
  • Receive alerts and insights into how you can reduce your bill even further
  • Make your battery smarter
  • See your real-time energy usage and generation
  • No ongoing fees
  • Not compatible with Tesla Powerwall 2 or Sonnen batteries
  • Offer not available for customers without a battery

How do I get Reposit?

1. Buy Reposit

Price is inclusive of the smart controller and installation by a qualified electrician.

2. Get it Installed

Our friendly team will be in touch to arrange an installation time.

3. Enjoy the Benefits

You'll receive access details to the Reposit app and the genius connected to your battery will start.


Ready for the Future

  • Get access to a growing range of advanced electricity plans and VPPs
  • No lock-in battery expansions, Reposit can work with multiple brands of batteries at a single home
  • Use Reposit to make your pool pump, electric hot water and electric vehicle smarter

Thinking of getting a battery with Reposit? We can put you in touch with a Reposit Partner Installer to discuss your needs.

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