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Install our solar and battery Reposit No Bill™ product and we'll guarantee you get no electricity bill for 5 years.

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Serving smarts since 2012

In 2012, we predicted an energy future full of uncertainty, complexity, rising costs and a shift to renewables for a sustainable planet. We built technology for that future and over the years we've learned how to make things simple for our customers.

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72 million control hours

With thousands of customers and millions of battery control hours we know a thing or two about managing your household energy. So much so we put our money where our mouth is and guarantee no electricity bills for 5 years.

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20,000 kW installed

That's enough battery power to simultaneously brown over 16,000 slices of toast. Each of the batteries we control is important to Australia’s clean energy future and so is important to us.

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Australian everything

Born and bred in Australia we understand the Australian electricity market and the hassles that go with it. All of our staff are in Australia, our controller is manufactured in Australia, and our software is exclusively built right here in Australia.

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Reposit No Bill™

No bill for 5 Years. Guaranteed.

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We design, supply and install a leading solar and battery system with a Reposit smart controller at your home. We then work with your electricity retailer to have your electricity bills sent to us. We take care of paying your bills in full and on time. This means you will not see an electricity bill for at least 5 years.

Not having an electricity bill means not having to think about electricity.

Want to stop thinking about electricity? Check out our quick Reposit No Bill™ checklist to see if you are ready.

Life's great with Reposit No Bill™

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Electricity plans - where does your money go? (2021)

Just where does the money from your electricity bill go? We’ve all noticed a price hike in our bills in recent years. But why and where is your money going? We've made it easier for you to know your power bill.

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Photo of a rooftop with solar on the roof.

Step-by-step guide to getting solar panels on your roof

If a record breaking 2017 for solar panel installations is anything to go by, Australians are sick of skyrocketing electricity prices and are turning to the sun for their power.

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Reduce your power bill: Connect smart plugs to your solar battery setup

Some of us aren’t that smart when it comes to technology, but many of us have made the smart decision to add a solar battery setup or are thinking about doing so. But did you know you can connect...

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How do I get Reposit No Bill™?

As Simple as 1, 2, 3... Gone!

Never thinking about electricity again couldn't be easier. Our team does the hard work and we keep you informed from quote to installation.

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1. Get an instant quote

Give us 30 seconds of your time and some of your details and we will email you an instant quote. Our friendly sales team will be in touch to book a site inspection.

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2. Book site inspection

Our licensed electricians visit your home for a site inspection. With your system design and quote in hand, simply pay the 10% deposit and we will arrange an installation date with you.

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3. Installation day

Enjoy being comfortable knowing our team of professionals are installing your system. As soon as the install is done we will transfer your bill to Reposit.

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4. Live comfortably

Stay warm in winter, cool in summer, turn on your clothes dryer and boil your kettle at anytime of the day, knowing Reposit has your bill covered.

Reposit is with you every step of the way to make your install easy. Check out "Getting No Bill" for the full timeline.

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Are you ready for Reposit No Bill™? Complete our quick checklist and see if you are Reposit No Bill™ ready.

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