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Reposit wants every household to be smarter with their bills.

Sell the stored energy in your solar battery to selected electricity companies for the highest possible price.

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About Gridcredits®

See what Reposit and your electricity company can do together

Good things happen when Reposit Power partners with electricity companies and they’re called GridCredits®.

With GridCredits® exclusive to Reposit Power:

  • get financially rewarded for helping to take pressure off the electricity grid when it’s needed most
  • be part of a community that reduces your power bill and helps the planet

It’s time to look forward to your power bill with GridCredits®. 

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How GridCredits® Work

Selected electricity companies will reward you with GridCredits® for supporting the grid.
Here’s how it works:

  • Like on those hot summer days when everyone is cranking up the air conditioner, electricity companies need to meet our energy demands
  • During these events, Reposit activates your battery to bring stability to the grid and helps prevent blackouts
  • When this happens you’re rewarded with GridCredits®
  • GridCredits® are added to your power bill and are in addition to your solar feed-in-tariff

To earn GridCredits® you need to be on an electricity plan with one of our partner electricity companies.

The number of GridCredits® you can earn depends on your electricity plan and your location.

Partner Electricity Companies

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