Published March 15th, 2018 by Reposit Power

Why monitoring your solar battery could save you money

How to monitor your solar battery

How to monitor your solar battery

More and more households are getting on board with solar and battery storage to combat increasing electricity price hikes. But how do you know you’re getting the best value out of your solar battery setup? You need to monitor your solar and battery with a smart home energy management system.

What is a home energy management system?

A home energy management system is a piece of technology that has both hardware and software to help you monitor your household’s energy usage and generation to help you reduce your power bills.

A good solar and battery home energy management system will track and record when your household uses electricity using hardware installed at your house and software connected via the Internet. You connect and interact with it via your computer or an app on your smartphone or tablet.

The hardware is usually installed next to your home’s electrical board and acts as a communications hub relaying messages from your home to you, and sometimes to your electricity company.

The software monitors and records all the ingoing and outgoing data and communications. So every time you switch on a light or turn on the dishwasher, it's recorded and translated into an easily read format, usually via a smartphone app or on your computer.

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How does a home energy management system help you to monitor your solar battery?

Smart battery storage is the key to lower electricity bills and the future of our electricity grid. But, in order to maximise the value of your solar battery, it's important to have a smart home energy management system.

Reposit’s home energy management system will:

  • View and track your home energy costs
  • Show your electricity usage and what you’re buying from the electricity grid in real time
  • Predict your electricity usage and if you have solar panels, your solar generation 24 hours in advance
  • Show you how much solar energy you’re generating
  • Show you how much energy is stored in your battery and when you use your solar battery
  • Compare your system’s previous performance
  • Provide energy saving tips

Reposit knows what electricity plan you’re on and will store power in your battery when electricity prices are lowest, ready for you to use when prices are high – minimising your need to buy electricity from the grid during these times.

Reposit lets you instantly know when you’re solar battery is full and you’re generating more solar energy than your household is using. Letting you choose to either turn on your power hungry appliances such as the dishwasher or washing machine and use the energy you're generating or sell it back to the electricity grid for a good price.

Reposit will also sell the stored energy in your solar battery to selected electricity companies for the highest possible price. You get financially rewarded for helping to take pressure off the electricity grid when it’s needed most and are part of a community that's helping the planet.

Reposit saves you money by understanding when and how you use your electricity. Give one of our awesome consultants a call. We can help you identify the right system for your home to help you maximise your savings.

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