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The Reposit Power App

Reposit Power’s electricity saving app lets you see your household’s energy usage (and cost!) in real-time at any time on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

With just a tap you can:

  • Monitor if your solar set-up is working efficiently.
  • View and track your power bill
  • See when Reposit Power’s electricity saving app is making you money
  • Know when to turn on your power hungry appliances
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Dashboard Tab

Get all the information you need at a quick glance, including:

  • Today’s cost

Find out how much you’ve paid for your energy today. Get a breakdown of what you have bought and sold – and compare it to what you paid at the same time last year.

Learn how much of your energy came from solar  – and what percentage was stored and used.

Find out how much energy your battery has stored – and what the Reposit Power App predicts it will store for the rest of the day.

  • Right Now

See how much energy you’re exporting, how much solar you’re generating, how much your battery has stored, and how much energy your household is using in real-time.

  • Solar Exporting

Reposit Power’s electricity saving app lets you know when you have cheap energy available. You can even program it to automatically turn on your power-hungry appliances to help keep your power costs low.

Cost Tab

Know and compare how much your energy is costing you daily, weekly and monthly – morning to night in real time.

You can also get a complete breakdown of how much energy you’re buying and selling.

Learn more. 

Activity Tab


Know exactly what your system is doing right now. Toggle back and forth between different days to compare your system’s performance.


Track what your system has done and is predicted to do for the next 24 hours. You’ll be able to see how this affects your electricity bill by comparing how much you pay at different times of the day with how your system performs during these times. Toggle back and forth between different days to compare your system.

Messages Tab

Reposit Power’s electricity saving app will send you a message every time you have cheap energy or receive GridCredits.