Published May 18th, 2017 by Reposit Power

How Reposit talks to your solar battery

How Reposit Power Does Control

Reposit is the brain for your home's electricity

Reposit talks to your solar battery setup and monitors your solar generation to control your electricity usage from the grid and to get the best results for your household. This means absolute control of your power bill while knowing what to expect by the end of a billing cycle - with Reposit’s smart energy management you can have it all.

To deliver this, the Reposit Box needs a good connection to the battery and devices it talks with. This includes the high-accuracy Reposit energy meters used to measure electricity usage from the grid and from your solar system; any controllable appliances like hot water systems or pool pumps; and perhaps most importantly, it includes any batteries that are installed.

Good energy control is achieved when the Reposit Box has reliable and fast connections to these devices, so it can make rapid and efficient decisions on when to buy or sell your energy. This gives you ultimate control and low electricity bills to manage your household's energy how you want.
This contrasts with most ‘monitoring’ systems that only observe and report on information.

Autonomous Control

Just like a brain, Reposit makes decisions on its own. It doesn't ask computers or the Internet for what should happen next, it has all the intelligence it needs inside the box installed at your home.

This means it will make correct control decisions even if there's a drop in your Internet connection.
The Internet is used as a tool for the Reposit Box to gain information about the world outside. Weather predictions are communicated to the Reposit Box via the Internet, and information about your home's electricity use and generation are sent to Reposit servers via the Internet.

Reposit also monitors the energy market prices via the Internet and uses this information to sell your energy for GridCredits® (
credit towards your next power bill) when market prices are high. GridCredits® are a world first energy storage trading system that are earned from select electricity retailers when energy is sold back to the National Electricity Market or network utilities.

Even if the Internet isn't available, the Reposit Box uses the best information it's already collected to make decisions - including selling your energy to earn you GridCredits®, and stores data until your Internet connection comes back online.

This means that when your home's Internet connection goes down, your battery is still working for you - your electricity bill is still managed by the Reposit Box at your house. The decision maker is in your meter box, not out on the Internet.

Of course, all good decisions are only as good as the actions that follow. If Reposit isn't able to control your battery or your appliances to take advantage of the decision, then the benefits from making that decision are lost.

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Making Devices Work with Reposit

Reposit doesn't make batteries or appliances. Instead, we work with manufacturers of these devices to make the Reposit Box communicate with them. We call this process integration. When we integrate with a new device, our integration team looks at how the device communicates and creates a piece of software so that the Reposit Box and the device can communicate with each other.

After working with many manufacturers, Reposit’s integration team knows what requirements are needed for robust connections between the Reposit Box and other devices.

We understand that everyone's home is different and that people need to be able to choose products that best suit them. We also understand that people's circumstances change and they don't want to be locked into a particular manufacturer's products. We integrate with as many different manufacturers as we can to give our customers the option to choose the system that best meets their needs.

What makes a good connection?

We've found that a good connection between the Reposit Box and a device it talks with, works best if it:

  1. is carried by a cable that runs directly from the device to the Reposit Box installed at your home
  2. allows the Reposit Box to directly communicate with the device, rather than through any other controllers
  3. very importantly, does not depend on the Internet for basic functions

Perhaps the most important thing we've learned is that controlling things via the Internet doesn’t work reliably. The Internet connection to a house can be interrupted by an Internet Provider problem, a popular Netflix night, Wi-Fi signal strength and countless other things.
Having direct control reduces the risk of things that can go wrong.

There’s also a safety and security risk with having electricity generating and consuming devices connected to the Internet without any extra safeguards. The Reposit Box does provide protection to devices connected to it from Internet nasties, but to do this effectively all devices need to be connected directly to the secured communications ports on the Reposit Box.

A great battery or device with a bad connection will always deliver poor quality and/or an unnecessarily high electricity bill.

Alright, Too Much Information

Reposit knows its customers care about getting the best from their home's electricity system. Both your comfort and a low power bill are dependent on it. Reposit unashamedly takes responsibility for delivering these things and so when something isn't working, we are usually the first to find out.

Our monitoring systems are constantly looking out for batteries or devices which aren't doing what they're supposed to. All too often, problems stem from a poor connection between the Reposit Box and the device.

We encourage all the battery and device manufacturers we integrate with to choose the most reliable communication methods possible when they are designing their products.

Reposit gives you accurate and reliable control - it's the key to delivering low power bills and the ultimate energy management to put you in the driver's seat.

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