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Pay it forward - How to share your solar power

Pay it forward - share your solar power

Considering more than 60 per cent of all electricity in Australia comes from high-polluting coal-fired power generation, choosing to power your home from renewable energy sources can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Not to mention that when you share your solar energy it makes a real difference to your community.

Pay it forward - share your solar power

Whether you are one of the 1.7 million Aussies who have solar power or have yet to add a solar system, by adding a Reposit smart solar battery setup you can generate your own solar energy to be self-sufficient, share your excess solar power and wipe out coal fired power stations.

A solar battery setup will store the electricity you produce from your solar panels, reducing your need to buy dirty coal-fired energy and your CO2 emissions.  

Working with your solar panels, Reposit predicts how much electricity your panels will create, and will know when to store this in your battery to lower your energy consumption and power bills.

It also monitors the weather and knows when it will be sunny or cloudy adjusting your battery setup to store what you need, and share the rest with your neighbours.

With the rapid adoption of solar systems in everyday households and the rise of solar battery storage, the power and benefit of community-produced and shared solar energy is quickly being realised by electricity companies.

Did you know you can produce and share your solar power as a Community Big Battery?

A Community Big Battery, like that of the South Australian big battery, is when a group of homeowners band together to share energy from their solar batteries to our electricity grid when it’s needed.
The amazing thing about a Community Big Battery is that homeowners don’t even need to be in the same street or suburb to share their solar power.

A Community Big Battery can be particularly helpful when we're using lots of electricity, like when we're blasting our air conditioners to beat heatwaves.

We’ve already seen how Community Big Batteries stepped in to help save our electricity grid from encountering mass blackouts in January.

Recently Victoria and South Australia experienced extreme heatwaves. During one of these heatwaves a power station failed. When it comes to the electricity grid, to function properly it’s a balancing act - supply needs to meet demand.
Our electricity grid keeps reserve electricity in case demand goes up dramatically.

When the power station went down the electricity grid came very close to becoming dangerously unstable because they lost a lot of their backup reserve.

A Community Big Battery in South Australia and Victoria came to the rescue. Reposit customers on GridCredits® electricity plans sold their solar power, saved the day and reduced their electricity bill in the process.

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The advantage of creating a Community Big Battery is that they can be anywhere, homeowners across Australia can be part of it and are rewarded for participating.

Unlike the South Australian big battery, when the Community Big Battery isn’t helping our electricity grid, each individual battery goes back to supporting its household and stores solar at night when electricity is most expensive.

You can join a Community Big Battery and start sharing your solar power with your neighbours.

How can you share your solar power?

It’s been a challenging summer so far for the electricity grid. When we use more electricity Reposit homeowners can share their stored solar power in return for a lower electricity bill with GridCredits.

How GridCredits® Work

Selected electricity companies will buy your solar energy from your solar battery. The number of GridCredits® you earn depends on the GridCredits electricity plan you choose and where you live. Here’s how it works:

  1. Your electricity company needs to meet electricity demands during times of peak energy usage, like those hot summer days when everyone is cranking up the air conditioner
  2. Reposit will automatically sell your stored solar power for an extraordinary price to your electricity company when it’s needed most earning you GridCredits®
  3. GridCredits® reduce your electricity bill over and above your normal solar feed-in-tariff.
    The best thing is you can play a responsible, cooperative role promoting a stronger and more reliable electricity grid with renewable energy

Not only do Reposit customers benefit from earning GridCredits® to lower their electricity bills, but they also get to enjoy a Reposit-optimised solar battery system. It continues to deliver the lowest electricity bills all year round through state-of-the-art, smart technology and you become part of a community that’s actively reducing carbon emissions to potentially erase our reliance on fossil fuels.

Get behind the solar and battery revolution that empowers you, the homeowner.

Any household that has a Reposit solar battery setup can get involved. Once a household is connected with a Reposit product, the next step is signing up to a GridCredits® electricity plan.

Get in touch with one of our awesome consultants today to learn more about GridCredits® and Reposit solar battery setups.

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