Published February 23rd, 2018 by Reposit Power

How to get the best value from a solar battery

Solar battery

With skyrocketing electricity prices and no relief in sight many of us have turned to a solar battery to reduce our rising power bills. If you’re thinking about a solar storage set up as a solution to reduce your power bill you’re not alone. More than 20,000 Australians decided they were worth the investment and installed solar batteries in 2017.   

But, don't just invest in a solar battery, be smart and get the best value for your money.

Get smarter savings from your solar battery

Solar batteries store energy produced from our solar panels. This is handy as it lets you use solar power at night and reduces your need to buy electricity from the electricity grid. But did you know you can sell the stored energy in your battery for an extraordinary price?

If you already have solar panels, you are well aware of solar feed-in-tariffs. For those without solar, a solar feed-in-tariff is what you are paid by an electricity company when you sell your solar power back to the electricity grid. These vary widely depending on the State you live in but on average most of us get between 8-12c per kWh.

However, selected electricity companies will pay you $1 per kWh when you provide clean and reliable energy to the grid at critical times.

Earn GridCredits, get a cheaper power bill.

To meet the demand of the population’s growing energy requirements, especially throughout summer, Reposit customers can opt to chip in their spare stored solar energy in return for $1.00 of GridCredits® for each kWh released back to the grid (on selected retail plans).

Choose to sell the stored energy in your solar battery for an extraordinary price to selected electricity companies when our electricity grid needs help, or when wholesale electricity prices spike.

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How GridCredits® Work

Selected electricity companies will buy your stored energy. The number of GridCredits® you can earn depends on the electricity plan you choose and your location. Here’s how it works:

  1. Electricity companies need to meet electricity demand during times of peak energy usage, like those hot summer days when everyone is cranking up the air conditioner
  2. Reposit will automatically sell your stored energy for an extraordinary price when it’s needed most earning you GridCredits®
  3. GridCredits® reduce your power bill over and above your normal solar feed-in-tariff
  4. You must have an electricity plan with one of our partner electricity companies to earn GridCredits®

The value and frequency of these GridCredits events varies in each State. Check out the historical chart of Diamond’s GridCredits events below:

How to get the best value from a solar batteryHow to get the best value from a solar battery

One of Reposit’s customers Mr Bill Childs summed it up nicely when he told The Age

"It's not going to buy me a new car but the thing that it did give us was … a little nice feeling that we've done something useful, we've helped the Victorian power system just get over a little hurdle," Reposit customer Mr Bill Childs.  

How you can participate

Any household that has a solar energy setup that includes a Reposit-compatible solar battery can get involved. Once a household is connected with a Reposit product, the next step is to sign up to an electricity plan that offers GridCredits®.

Get the best value from your solar battery by signing up to a GridCredits electricity plan.

It's time to look forward to your next power bill with GridCredits.

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