Published June 25th, 2018 by Reposit Power

How Reposit works with smart home technology


If you’ve made a major investment and added a solar battery setup to your home or are thinking about doing so, it makes sense to want to get the best value from it.

Reposit can help you get the best value and maximise the use of your solar battery setup, even when you’re not home. Reposit can help you learn when you have excess energy and can help you determine the best times to turn on your power hungry appliances so you don’t have to rely on the electricity grid for power and consequently you can run your home off your own solar energy.

Reposit now works with IFTTT to make your solar setup smart

Reposit has integrated with If This, Then That (IFTTT) to make your solar smarter.

IFTTT, is a free web service that creates connections between devices, apps, services and websites.

These connections, called Applets, work using a Trigger and an Action: If something happens, Then do something else.

Here’s the clever part…

Reposit knows when you’ll have ‘cheap energy available’. This means your battery is full and you are still generating a lot of solar energy. You can take advantage of this cheap energy if you have smart home technology such as smart plugs or lights at your home.

Using IFTTT, Reposit can automatically turn on your power hungry appliances using smart home technology when your solar battery is full and your solar panels are generating excess ‘free’ energy.

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You can use Reposit’s IFTTT Applets or create your own to automatically run your power hungry appliances even when you’re not at home!

Every time you have excess solar you can automatically turn on your dishwasher, washing machine or even your pool pump, so you’re not wasting your solar power and making sure you’re getting the best value from your solar and battery setup.

Reposit does all the hard work for you. Once you set it up, you don’t have to worry, Reposit knows when your battery is full and can automatically tell your power hungry appliances using smart home technology to turn on and off once they’re done or when you’re no longer using solar generated energy. You can even set solar export triggers at a particular time of day.

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Reposit is constantly helping you manage your solar and battery setup. On top of that, Reposit is like a drill sergeant for your solar and battery setup. It learns when and how your household uses electricity – and haggles with the electricity companies to sell any excess energy in your battery for the highest possible price.

Get Reposit to add instant value and maximise on your solar and battery investment. If you've got Reposit set up your smart home technology now with our handy guide.

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