Published October 27th, 2017 by Reposit Power

How a solar battery can reduce the cost to charge your electric car

Reduce the cost to charge your electric car with a solar battery

Got an Electric Vehicle (EV)? You’ve probably noticed a rapid increase in your power bill. On average EV owners add $700 annually to their electricity bill by charging their car at home. Although, you’re no longer paying for petrol, servicing and general car maintenance you're now paying more for your electricity. But don't worry. You can reduce the cost to change your electric car with a smart solar battery.

With a setup like Reposit, your smart solar battery system can store the energy produced from your solar panels for you to use when you're charging your car.  It effortlessly fits into your lifestyle so you use energy the way you want to without worrying about your electricity bill.

How you can reduce the cost to charge your electric car

Working with your solar panels, a smart solar battery system can predict how much electricity your panels will create, and will know when to store this in your battery. You can use this stored energy when it suits you, to charge your EV.

When your solar battery is full and your solar panels are producing more energy than your household is using, you can use energy during this time without the heavy price tag.

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Relax in comfort and charge whenever you want

Come home after a long drive and instantly need to charge your EV? Don’t pay extra for your electricity. Use the stored solar power in your battery, and charge your EV whenever you want.

Many people who have installed solar panels know that you generate more solar power in the middle of the day - but if you’re not home, this energy can be wasted. Smart solar battery systems let you store electricity from your panels for later use. Now you can charge your EV whenever you want without the impact to your lifestyle or your electricity bill.

Reduce your electricity bill

As the average Australian travels 15,530 km per year, by switching from petrol to an electric vehicle, you save roughly $2,500 annually. But you can save more. An exciting benefit of investing in a solar battery system is that you can look forward to an overall reduction on your power bill.

Some electricity plans charge different prices at different times throughout the day for using energy. A smart solar battery will store the electricity generated from your solar panels in your battery for you to use at night when electricity is most expensive.

By charging your EV from the stored power in your battery, you will rarely need to purchase energy from the grid at a higher cost. Letting you live the way you want without being dictated by your electricity bill.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the additional costs your electric car is contributing to your electricity bill. If you charge from the stored solar power in your battery system not only are the recharge costs reduced but you also have the added benefit of a car that produces no CO2 emissions.

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