Published January 8th, 2018 by Reposit Power

Hot energy saving tips: How to stay cool in the heat

Hot energy saving tips: How to stay cool in the heat

After a sweltering weekend with temperatures reaching 47.3 degrees  and total fire bans still in place - Australian summers are definitely not getting cooler. The NSW ambulance service are telling people to stay indoors and well hydrated. For most of us, this means cranking the air conditioner up and even leaving it on overnight to combat the heat.

Unfortunately as temperatures rise and we rely on our air conditioners our electricity bills also rise.  Air conditioning costs Australians more than $1.3 billion over the summer alone. With the air conditioner adding approximately $578 to your household’s quarterly electricity bill.

So what can you do? Follow our hot energy saving tips to survive the heatwave.

The hot summer days and sticky nights don’t have to be distressing or unpleasant.  Before you sacrifice your air conditioner or sleep, follow our hot energy tips to keep you comfortable all summer long - and avoid post summer bill shock.

1. Use the sun’s free energy - install a smart solar battery system

Smart solar battery systems, such as Reposit, let you use energy the way you want while still lowering your power bill.  Blast the air conditioner when you want without the added cost to your electricity bill - guilt free.

Working with your solar panels, a smart solar battery system can predict how much electricity your panels will create, and will know when to store this in your battery to lower your power bills.

Some electricity plans charge different prices at different times throughout the day for using energy.  A smart solar battery, will store the electricity generated from your solar panels in your battery for you to use at night when electricity is most expensive.

When your solar battery is full and your solar panels are producing more energy than your household is using, any energy you use at home during this time is essentially free.

Investing in a solar battery with Reposit Power’s smart software will save you money while letting you enjoy your air conditioner, day or night.  You can sit back and relax, without the stress about your upcoming power bill.

Turn up your air con, reduce your power bills with a solar battery 

2. Time your comfort

Don’t leave the air conditioner on all day - take advantage of your air conditioner’s timer and energy saving features when possible.  Set it on a timer so when you get home your house is cool and comfortable. At night put it on sleep mode to get a better night’s rest or consider using a fan with an open window.

3. Keep your air conditioner fine-tuned

Think of your air conditioner as you would your car.  With regular servicing and cleaning, your car runs more efficiently and means fewer trips to the expensive mechanic.  

  • Keep your air conditioner maintained and clean.  
  • Check and regularly clean your air filter (monthly).  You may need to change it every three months;
  • Check the outside filter too but make sure you turn off the power first.  

A dirty air conditioner works harder than normal, using much more energy to run – which costs you more.  And like your car, your air conditioner will last longer if it is cleaned and maintained often.

4. Hot outside, hot inside

The hotter it is outside, the harder your air conditioner works. It uses more electricity to keep your house cool and comfortable.  Keeping your blinds and curtains drawn when the sun is hitting your windows will reduce the heat coming in and help with your power bill.  It works the same as the windscreen shades for your car and minimises the heat inside your house.

Find out more about Reposit’s smart monitoring software, or get Reposit, today.  We can help you find the right system for your home to help lower your power bill without compromising on your comfort.Ready to reduce your power bills? Get a free quote.