Published October 3rd, 2023 by Danny

Homeowners charged for exporting excess solar to the grid under new ‘Sun Tax’

What is the ‘Sun Tax’ making the rounds?

Put bluntly, NSW and the ACT are going ahead with plans to charge solar customers for feeding their excess electricity into the grid when the sun is strongest - usually during the middle of the day.


“An extra $30 per year might not sound like much, but that’s just the starting point. These charges are likely to go up over time and for many families and businesses struggling with the rising cost of living it’s the last thing they need.”

- Solar Citizens deputy director Stephanie Gray (



Can homeowners avoid the tax? Yes, but there’s a catch

Your system doesn’t need to pump its excess electricity back into the grid during peak sunlight hours. It does this because most solar systems are not intelligent enough to understand when to store power, generate power and export power in a way that is favourable to itself, other houses and the grid.

These “unintelligent” systems will always be at risk to changes in what the electricity networks need to run safely and efficiently. It’s one of the many reasons we built the Reposit Smart Controller. 

Repost Power’s Smart Controller is built to upgrade your renewable energy system into a “smart system”. The controller then acts as the brain of your solar system and makes decisions about when to pass energy to and from the grid in the most favourable way to you - including dodging things like the ‘Sun Tax’.  

In doing so, the Reposit Smart Controller futureproofs your system to respond to what the grid needs and protects you from penalties that arise like the new ‘Sun Tax’ completely.


The Reposit Smart Controller has many benefits - dodging 'Sun Tax' just one of them

Making your residential renewable energy system smart not only means Reposit can save you more money, but enables us to guarantee you won't see an electricity bill for the next 7 years. You can even renew your stay with the No Bill program for another 7 years after the first.* Learn more here.


“Reposit foresaw issues with everyone’s systems feeding excess solar to the grid all at once during the hottest time of the day - a full 10 years ago, when we built Reposit Power systems.

But more broadly, the Reposit Smart Controller is designed to shield homeowners from just about any changes to the grid - because their systems are built to be adaptable. They’re intelligent, so we can upgrade them to respond as the electricity markets change around them, as they do and always will.”


Thinking about getting your home onto renewable energy? Talk to our team about the Reposit No Bill system difference - each one comes installed with a Smart Controller automatically.