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We've Broken it Down

As you can probably tell, we love to make complicated things simple, including reading terms and conditions. Whilst we highly recommend you carefully read the full terms and conditions over a nice cup of tea, we have also provided you with a plain english summary of the main points.

Ready to get into the nitty gritty? Grab that cuppa and let’s get started!


Plain English T&Cs;

Reposit’s No Bill product includes two key aspects

  1. We design, provide and install solar, solar batteries and a Reposit smart control system for your home, and then;
  2. We take on the financial responsibility for your electricity bill for 5 years!


Handily, Reposit’s T&C; are also divided into two sections, Parts A and B, with each section covering these two key aspects. So, let's have a look at each of these sections and demystify what they mean.

Part A deals with the ongoing services Reposit will deliver you to make your bill a thing of the past. We essentially become your personal ‘billing agent’, and work with your existing retailer to have your bills sent to us instead of you. We then deal with the hassle of making sure those pesky bills are paid in full and on time, leaving you to never have to think about electricity again! In return for this piece of life admin magic you let Reposit take control of your battery and solar system. We then do the hard work in the background to deliver you clean and free electricity whilst also supporting the grid when it needs it, a win-win!

There are however some limits to our electricity system skills, and we unfortunately cannot make limitless free energy (yet). When you sign up for No Bill, we look at how much energy you have used in the last 12 months (from your electricity bills), and deliver you free energy up to 120% of that amount for 5 years! So you can continue to use your electricity exactly as you have been, just without the stress of knowing that bill is coming and the kids have been leaving all the lights on… again.

The solar and batteries we provide under No Bill are pretty robust creatures and are generally happy to be left alone to do their thing, but just like most things, occasionally they will need a little TLC. But as a happy No Bill customer, you won’t have to worry about this either, just let us take care of everything. If something does go wrong, our solar and battery gurus will detect it and jump onto it straight away, solving the problem if they can, or organising one of our technicians to visit and fix things up when necessary. All we ask is that you provide a nice environment for your battery and solar to do their thing and don’t mistreat them; The simple stuff like don't hose them down or back your car into them!

While No Bill is pretty great (at least we think so), it’s not for everyone. To be eligible for No Bill you must be a homeowner in one of our service areas, and have a current electricity spend that is not higher than some amount - which we modify from time to time. If you live outside one of our service areas and are interested in No Bill, don’t worry we will likely be coming to your area soon...

Phew, ok. Now we got through Part A let's look at Part B. This section deals with us getting a brand new solar and battery system on your home. If you are eligible for No Bill, our very skilled sales engineers and solar technicians will work with you to design the system most suited to your home. We will look at your home's unique characteristics and do all the legwork to design, install and commission your solar, battery and smart controller setup. We even arrange everything with your retailer if you need a meter upgrade, and the electricity network operator to make sure we can connect your system to the grid.

All of our solar technicians are Clean Energy Council accredited, experienced and trained, so you can rest easy knowing your new system will be designed and installed by only the best. Once the system is installed it is yours from day one, and starts to deliver you no bills straight away so that you can get busy doing… well anything but thinking about electricity!

And that’s it. Simple, huh!




Full Terms and Conditions

As promised, here is the full No Bill Terms and Conditions, which we recommend you go through in detail when you are ready.

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