Published July 6th, 2018 by Reposit Power

Reposit Review: How Nick saves money with his pool pump



Reposit Review: How Nicks saves money with his pool pump

Using IFTTT, Reposit can automatically turn on your power hungry appliances using smart home technology when your solar battery is full and your solar panels are generating excess ‘free’ energy.

Nick Pfitzner had a Reposit Powered solar battery setup installed in 2016, to reduce his electricity bills. Nick was happy with his system but realised he was wasting his hard earned solar power during the day when he and his family weren’t home. So he spoke to Reposit to see if there was a way he could better take advantage of his solar energy.

Using Reposit  and some smart home technology, Nick controls his electricity bills by getting Reposit to turn on his power hungry appliances when he has excess ‘free’ energy - even when he’s not home.

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Nick Pfitzner and his family live in a four-bedroom home in NSW. It's a large place with a study, and a pool. Nick works in IT and has a busy family of four, always on the go, who are usually out of the house during the day.

Thanks to a Reposit Powered solar battery setup Nick already enjoys quarterly electricity bills below $100 year-round and loves the data and analysis he gets from the Reposit mobile app. However, was frustrated with the fact he was losing his solar back to the grid when he wasn’t at home.

Being tech savvy and hands on, Nick was excited about the new Reposit feature and integration with IFTTT. Reposit now gives Nick more control over his household energy and his electricity bills - he gets the most value out of his solar battery setup and has complete control.

Nick connected Reposit and IFTTT to his pool pump and other devices using smart plugs.

“It’s great and convenient to just be able to see what's happening in the house and then be able to act on it when I need to…”

“The integration with the IFTTT platform has allowed me to control devices remotely...allowing me to turn on the pool pump when there is excess solar or turn it off when there isn’t any excess solar.”

Reposit with IFTTT, helps Nick manage his household and control his devices and appliances to use more of his hard earned solar energy to save him time and money.

“I usually had to rely on timers built into the devices I had, so the washing machine would be set three hours after the dishwasher now, I can actually run other devices without worrying about whether the sun is out or not because the Reposit-IFTTT integration will help control those for me.”

Reduce your power bill: Connect smart plugs to your solar battery setup!

“It’s allowed me to set up my scheduling no matter where I am!”

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