Published July 10th, 2018 by Reposit Power

Reposit review: How Daniel uses his solar when he’s out!

Reposit review: Daniel uses Reposit + IFTTT to keep his home comfortable for his family and reduce his power bills

Using IFTTT, Reposit can automatically turn on your power hungry appliances using smart home technology when your solar battery is full and your solar panels are generating excess ‘free’ energy.

Daniel Stanley had a Reposit Powered solar battery setup installed in February 2018, to reduce his electricity bills and keep his home comfortable for his growing family.

Daniel was finding it harder and more frustrating to use his hard earned solar power because he and his family weren’t home during the day.

After realising his solar power generated from his panels was being wasted, he spoke to Reposit to see if there was a way he could better take advantage of his solar energy.

Using Reposit and some smart home technology, Daniel is reducing his electricity bills by getting Reposit to turn on his power hungry appliances when he has excess ‘free’ energy - even when he’s not home.

Daniel Stanley, his wife and three year old daughter live in a large modern home with a pool and spa in Victoria.  

As a technical service supervisor in the heating and cooling industry and another baby on the way, Daniel and his wife are very busy and out of the house during the day.

Daniel loves the data and daily costs he gets from the Reposit mobile app. However, he realised he was wasting his solar when he wasn’t at home.

“Nine times out of ten I wasn't able to utilise that excess energy because I was away from home or at work…”

Reposit feature and integration with IFTTT helps Daniel save time and get the most value out of his solar setup to keep his home comfortable for his family while slashing his electricity bill.

“...having If This Then That integrated definitely makes things a lot easier…By us being able to operate those devices when we’re not at home, for it to automatically do that - makes things extremely convenient and very simple.”

Daniel connected Reposit and IFTTT to his spa pump and other devices using smart plugs.

“When we do have excess energy we are able to utilise it automatically without physically running around and turning devices on and off to get the maximum out of it.”

“Having the spa automatically turn on and notify me when I do have excess solar energy instead of running on a fixed timer, potentially when I don’t have excess energy is very convenient and essentially fantastic for us…”

“Before we would have the spa on a fixed timer to operate for 3 or 4 hours a day and the vacuum charging for 24 hours a day. I can now work out when we have excess energy to be able to operate those devices automatically.”

Reposit with IFTTT, helps Daniel keep his home comfortable and use more of his hard earned solar energy to save him time and money, to spend on more important things, like his family.

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“It’s utilising and maximising our solar system that we have installed.”Need help deciding on the right solar battery system for your home?