Published September 29th, 2023 by Danny

Reposit Power takes home the Energy Network Australia's 2023 Industry Innovation Award

A project very close to us has just received the Energy Network Australia's 2023 Industry Innovation Award, and we couldn’t be more humbled.

Our team is passionate about disrupting the industry with real change - with an emphasis on out-of-the-box thinking that will make Australia’s electricity systems more intelligent and futureproof. This award is exhilarating validation that real change is possible through making Australia’s electricity networks work smarter, not harder! 


So what is the award for?

You may have heard of ‘Project Edith’. No?

Project Edith is an initiative named after the pioneering electrical engineer Edith Clarke, and was jointly executed by Reposit Power and Ausgrid.

It was a grassroots idea that we started chatting about over coffee in the Reposit office: Australia’s electricity grid is in trouble, and we can either make it work smarter or harder. We think it should work smarter. 

During the course of 2022, Project Edith aimed to demonstrate the harmonious integration of residential solar energy into the electricity grid without overburdening distribution networks or requiring extensive infrastructure investments. Instead, it sought to show how intelligent management of resources such as rooftop solar and electric vehicles could yield more cost-effective and reliable energy solutions for the benefit of all consumers.

The project set out to prove two things.



Energy for Australia can be generated in a cheaper, more reliable way through residential renewables without needing more investment or more restrictive rules put in place.


Customers should be coming with us on this journey to net zero. That means ALL Australians can help us make Australia’s electricity supply an effective, resilient, and sustainable ecosystem. 

We like it best the way DER expert Gabriell Kuiper put it: the kind of real-time network pricing used in Project Edith is “far more thoughtful than bluntly charging solar customers to export excess solar to the grid.”


The old mode of simply popping solar panels on a rooftop and calling it a day are fading fast (this has several issues, which NSW is responding to by taxing excess solar generated at peak hours of the day).

The way ahead is smart systems - which can make the most of our resources for the betterment of everyone. Oh, and get your electricity bills down to $0, too.


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