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Referral Program


The team at Reposit is incredibly grateful for the high volume of referrals existing members bring us each month. Your word is more valuable than any marketing and helps us grow. 

To thank you, and to keep referrals going strong, we've come up with a referral program to reward members for their efforts. Members will now earn money for every successful referral they make - at a rate progressing from $250, to $300 up to $500 from the third referral on.

Here's how it works.




How Do I Refer People?

Have you had friends and family enquire about how you got your home onto solar? Point them in our direction and ask them to mention you did so - our team will prompt new members to tell us if they were referred and by whom during our call.


Who Can Participate?

Anyone who owns a Reposit solar system of any kind.


Where Do I Send Referrals?

Your referrals can contact Reposit any way they prefer. Consider sending them one or all of the following links:

Contact Number: 1800 773 851

Website Links:

More information on No Bill:



How Much Will I Earn?

You will earn $250 for your first successful referral, $300 for your second successful referral and $500 for your third referral onwards.


How Do I Get Paid?

You get paid into your nominated bank account - we'll get in touch once the referral leads to a successful installation to confirm this with you. 

We'll keep track of the number of referrals you make as you go, so that we can increase your earnings up to the $500 maximum. 

Simple! After that, the money is yours to spend any way you like - so you can save up for your next family vacation or hobby of choice. All while saving the environment. 

The more homes install solar power, the quicker we reduce Australia's dependence on fossil fuels.


Thank you again,


Refer a Friend

Give $250 off, Get $250 Cash if they install!