Reposit Power’s building a virtual power station

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Published March 8th, 2017 by Kirsty Waterford

Reposit Virtual Power Station

Reposit Power’s CEO Dean Spaccavento told the Australian Financial Review that Reposit was building a virtual power station one battery at a time.

He said Reposit was breaking the conventional mold by creating a virtual power station through a distributed energy network.

“Using a similar model to Airbnb or Uber – we are starting an energy revolution where we use and pay for assets owned by customers only when they’re needed to meet energy market demand spikes and avoid blackouts,” Mr Spaccavento said.

Reposit is adding more than a megawatt a month, 200 batteries at an average of 5KW capacity to its virtual power station of distributed energy network.

For more information about Reposit’s virtual power station read the full article in the Australian Financial Review

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