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Queensland Reposit customer sells energy back to the grid

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Published January 19th, 2017 by Kirsty Waterford

Reposit Power Brisbane customer Clint Luna told the Australian Financial Review that he can generate enough power to charge his electric car and solar battery, cool his house, and sell his surplus back to the Grid for 8c a kilowatt hour (kWh). But recently, when temperatures and power demand soared, the Luna family got a bumper price of $1 kWh for 41 minutes earning $2.29 of GridCredits.

Photo by Lisa Maree Williams

GridCredits are exclusive to Reposit Power. Reposit software runs the Luna’s solar battery system and similar systems in a growing number of households. The Reposit system provides an extra kicker for selling power to the grid when wholesale electricity prices top $1000 a megawatt hour.

If enough solar homes sell their excess power when it’s needed most, they’ll help shave peak demand levels and reduce network expenditure, helping to prevent blackouts and benefiting all electricity consumers.

Reposit Power’s CEO Dean Spaccavento said that battery storage has exploded in Australia. With the change to feed-in-tariffs customers are looking for other ways to reduce their power bills and Reposit can do this.

Read the full article at https://www.afr.com/news/how-queenslander-uses-solar-to-charge-his-tesla-sell-energy-back-to-grid-20170118-gttwo1

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