Bring genius into your home by adding Reposit to your battery

Reposit saves you money by understanding when and how you use your electricity. It knows how to optimise your solar battery system to get you the lowest possible power bill no matter how you use your electricity.

With Reposit, you can earn GridCredits® on top of your normal solar feed-in-tariff by selling the stored energy in your battery for a premium price. Now that’s smart.

For homes considering buying a solar battery

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Super Smart

Be comfortable without the high power bill

Reposit helps keep your household comfortable by managing your household energy consumption and lowering your power bill.

Reposit makes smart decisions to optimise your system and get you the lowest possible power bill. It learns when to power your home from your battery, solar, or the grid, and you can track it all easily from anywhere and on any device.

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How Reposit works

Reposit works hard to lower your power bills. And here’s proof

Reposit has been lowering power bills in homes across Australia since 2012. Join the Reposit community to lower your power bills and start enjoying the benefits today.

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Meet the Weedens
Watson, ACT

I love the fact Reposit allows me to check in while I’m out. I have total control even when I’m away.

Sydney, NSW
Reduced payback period
CHOICE magazine

Using Reposit’s controller has been the most satisfying aspect of our new solar system. The data available has taught us so much about our energy use.

Bullaburra, NSW
Meet Kevin LittleJohn
Melbourne, VIC

Reposit Power maximises the benefits from going solar. It ensures you have the power you need at the lowest price and the best price selling your excess energy.

Canberra, ACT
Meet Graham Cavanagh-Downs
Sydney, NSW

Everyone’s home and needs are different

From the moment Reposit is installed it learns and records when you use energy and how much. Get up at 6 am every morning or sleep in until 10 am, Reposit adjusts your solar battery system to meet your energy needs.

Reposit knows how much energy you’ll need and when you’ll need it. Relax in your home as Reposit works for you to reduce your power bill.

Rain or Shine, you’re covered

Reposit knows when it’s going to be sunny or cloudy by monitoring your local weather forecast.

It predicts 24 hours in advance how much energy your solar system will generate. Reposit knows whether there will be enough sun to fill your battery or if you will need supplementary power from the grid.

Get power for less

More importantly, Reposit knows what energy plan you’re on. It will store power in your battery when prices are low, ready for you to use when prices are high – minimising your need to buy electricity from the grid during these times. With Reposit, you’ll only draw power from the grid when there is no other option.

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Credit, when credit’s due

With Reposit, when electricity companies struggle to meet grid demands, or when wholesale electricity prices spike, we will sell the stored energy in your battery for an extraordinary price.

The best thing is, you don’t need to do a thing, Reposit will work out the best time to sell your energy automatically.

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Delivering results 24/7

You don’t want a battery system that will fail when it doesn’t have an Internet connection. Just like a brain, Reposit makes decisions on its own to get you the lowest possible power bill without compromising your lifestyle.

Reposit records everything. Just in case

The decision maker is in your meter box, not on the Internet. This means that when your home’s Internet connection goes down, your battery system still works to keep you comfortable.

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Upgrading to Reposit Infinite

Expand your solar battery system and monitor your energy usage with Reposit Infinite.

Don’t be locked into one solar battery system. With Reposit Infinite, you can add more capacity when battery prices fall or when your energy usage changes.

With all the benefits of Reposit, feel secure knowing Reposit Infinite will get you the lowest possible power bill no matter how you use your electricity.

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Track your daily energy journey

Know how much energy you’re using, generating and have stored in real-time with Reposit.

From morning to night, you can track what your energy use is costing you in real-time. From your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone:

  • Know how much you’re paying for your electricity
  • Track your energy consumption, solar generation, battery behaviour and energy costs instantly
  • Compare all your data, see what days, weeks and months your solar battery system has performed best
  • Follow Reposit’s predictions, and see when you have excess energy to use or when you should be more conscious of the energy you’re consuming
  • Get handy tips on when to use your energy-hungry appliances
  • Get notifications every time you earn GridCredits®


See how much you’re paying daily for energy and easily compare it to what you paid each day for the past week.

Monitor how much of the energy you used came from your solar panels and identify how much solar energy was stored in your battery or was consumed.

Cost Breakdown

Get a complete breakdown of what you’re earning and paying daily for your electricity.

Know exactly what you’re paying for your electricity and how the cost is broken down. See when you earn GridCredits®, and what you earned from your solar feed-in-tariff.

Compare your average earnings and costs for the last week, last 12 weeks or 12 months.

System Breakdown

See your daily history for your household electricity usage, what you’re buying from the grid and if you have solar, how much solar energy you’re generating.

Reposit predicts your electricity usage, solar generation and battery charge 24 hours in advance. You can use these predictions to identify times when you will have excess energy or when your battery will be empty. Use these predictions to schedule when your energy-hungry appliances should run.

Use the calendar to compare your system’s previous performance.

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Get an instant snapshot of your household’s electricity consumption, generation, and the energy stored in your battery.

Turn back the clock to see how your household’s energy system has performed in the past hour or past day and compare this data with your system’s previous performance.


Keep a record of:

  • Handy tips on when to use your energy-hungry appliances
  • Times when you earned GridCredits® for selling your energy for an extraordinary price


Reposit works with a wide range of batteries and inverters. Find your favourite products and discover new ones that can help reduce your power bills.

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The Reposit Box


API and data export

All of your data is available in real-time via our REST API and CSV data exporter.

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Installation location

  • DIN rail mounted
  • Installed within 1m of the household main switchboard
  • Supports solar installations connected to distribution boards

Bandwidth requirements

Reposit requires 350MB bandwidth per month.

Reposit does not rely on the Internet to make decisions, but an Internet connection is needed as a tool for the Reposit Box to gain information about the world outside.

Operating Temperature

-10oC to +55 oC

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Get more from your energy system!

When electricity companies struggle to meet electricity demands, you can earn GridCredits® on top of your normal solar feed-in-tariff by selling the stored energy in your battery for a premium price.

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