Reposit Infinite

Don’t be limited - get a battery system that grows with you

Have your energy needs changed? With Reposit Infinite you can mix and match Reposit compatible battery and inverter products to build your dream battery system. Add more capacity when battery prices fall or when your energy usage changes.

For homes who want to grow their solar battery system over time

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Super Smart

Expand with your needs

Expand your solar battery system and monitor your energy usage with Reposit Infinite.

Don’t be locked into one solar battery system or solar battery manufacturer. With Reposit Infinite, you can add more capacity when battery prices fall or when your energy usage changes.

With all the benefits of Reposit, feel secure knowing Reposit Infinite will get you the lowest possible power bill no matter how you use electricity.

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How Reposit Infinite works

Get all the features of Reposit

Every home is different

Reposit knows how much energy you’ll need and when you need it. Relax in your home as Reposit reduces your reliance on the grid.

It learns and records when you use energy and how much. Get up at 6 am every morning or sleep in until 10 am, Reposit adjusts your solar battery system to meet your energy needs.

Rain or shine, you’re covered

Reposit knows when it’s going to be sunny or cloudy by monitoring your local weather forecast.

It predicts 24 hours in advance how much energy your solar system will generate. Reposit knows whether there will be enough sun to fill your battery or if you will need supplementary power from the grid.

Credit, when credit’s due

When electricity companies struggle to meet grid demands, or when wholesale electricity prices spike, sell the stored energy in your battery for an extraordinary price.

With a larger storage system, you have more to give when demand is high, maximising your earnings with Reposit Infinite.

Delivering results 24/7

Just like a brain, Reposit makes decisions on its own to get you the lowest possible power bill without compromising your lifestyle.

This means that when your home’s Internet connection goes down, your battery system still works to keep you comfortable.

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Design flexibility, product choice, infinite growth

Don’t be stuck with one solar battery system, brand or product for the next ten years.

Reposit Infinite combines new or existing solar systems and any number of solar batteries.

Mix and match Reposit compatible products to build your dream battery system. Combine the brands and products that are right for you.

Grow your system without limits as your energy consumption increases or as battery prices fall.

A quick installation, a lifetime of savings

Getting Reposit Infinite in your home is simple. Reposit Infinite connects easily to any new or existing, Reposit compatible solar battery systems.

Installing Reposit Infinite is straightforward for a Reposit partnered licensed electrician.

If you already have Reposit, a Reposit partnered licensed electrician will need to upgrade you to Reposit Infinite. This process is simple and can be completed when your new battery system is being installed.


Follow your energy story

Track every moment of your energy usage and generation with Reposit Infinite.

From morning to night, you can track what your energy use is costing you in real-time. From your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone:

  • Know how much you’re paying for your electricity
  • Track your energy consumption, solar generation, battery behaviour and energy costs instantly.
  • Compare all your data, see what days, weeks and months your solar battery system has performed best.
  • Follow Reposit’s predictions, and see when you have excess energy to use or when you should be more conscious of the energy you’re consuming.
  • Get handy tips reminding you to turn off specific appliances that are draining your battery, or when to use your appliances because your system is generating excess energy.
  • Get notifications every time you earn GridCredits® by selling your energy when it’s worth the most.


See how much you’re paying daily for energy and easily compare it to what you paid each day for the past week.

Monitor how much of the energy you used came from your solar panels and identify how much solar energy was stored in your battery or was consumed.

Cost Breakdown

Get a complete breakdown of what you’re earning and paying daily for your electricity.

Know exactly what you’re paying for your electricity and how the cost is broken down. See when you earn GridCredits®, and what you earned from your solar feed-in-tariff.

Compare your average earnings and costs for the last week, last 12 weeks or 12 months.

System Breakdown

See your daily history for your household energy usage, what you’re buying from the grid, how much solar energy you’re generating, and how much energy your battery is storing.

Use the predictions to identify times when you might have excess stored energy to spare or times when you should try to reduce your energy consumption to lower your bill.

Use the calendar to compare your systems previous performance, and easily see what your system has done during high and low electricity price periods.


Get an instant snapshot of your household’s electricity consumption and generation.

Turn back the clock and view how much energy you consumed in the past hour or past day and compare this data with your system’s previous performance.


Keep a record of Reposit Infinite’s tips to reduce your power bill and when you earn GridCredits® for selling your energy for a spectacular price.

Works with Reposit Infinite

Reposit works with a wide range of batteries and inverters. Find your favourite products and discover new ones that can help reduce your power bills.

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The Reposit Box


API and data export

All of your data is available in real-time via our REST API and CSV data exporter.

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Installation location

  • DIN rail mounted
  • Installed within 1m of the household main switchboard
  • Supports solar installations connected to distribution boards

Operating Temperature

-10oC to +55 oC

Bandwidth requirements

Reposit Infinite requires 350MB bandwidth per month.

Reposit Infinite does not rely on the Internet to make decisions, but an Internet connection is needed as a tool for the Reposit Box to gain information about the world outside.


  • 5-port industrial, DIN rail mounted Ethernet switch
  • Expandable with additional Ethernet switches

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When electricity companies struggle to meet electricity demands, you can earn GridCredits® on top of your normal solar feed-in-tariff by selling the stored energy in your battery for a premium price.

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