Solar battery homeowners kept safe during severe storm

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Published September 13th, 2018 by Kirsty Waterford

Hundreds of Reposit Powered solar battery homeowners can take advantage of their battery setups to keep safe and have access to power during severe storms.

Storm Mode was activated for more than 100 homeowners in Salisbury in Adelaide’s northern suburbs with Reposit Powered solar battery setups participating in a trial with SA Power Networks on Tuesday after the Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe storm morning.

The storm that hit South Australia on Tuesday had wind gusts of up to 100km/h and resulted in blackouts that affected 25,000 houses across the State.

Salisbury was spared an outage but homeowners had the peace of mind made possible by Reposit’s Storm Mode.

In the event of a blackout, homeowners who use Reposit’s Storm Mode are able to keep their lights on and power their homes from their solar battery setups. Storm Mode instructs the homeowner’s solar battery to charge, so if a blackout happens, the house can use power stored in their battery to power their homes.

Geoff Mundi, Reposit Powered solar battery homeowner, said that Storm Mode meant that if the electricity grid went down his fridge and freezer would still continue to run.

“In the event of a blackout, I know my setup will continue to power my home,” Mr Mundi said.

Reposit Power CEO, Dean Spaccavento, said that it was encouraging to see the South Australian Government recently acknowledged the importance of smart solar battery setups.

“Combined with smart technology, like Reposit, solar battery homeowners can unlock extra benefits from their setups,” Mr Spaccavento said.

“We saw this in action on Tuesday, when Storm Mode was activated.

“Hundreds of South Australian Reposit Powered solar battery homeowners were able to go about their day knowing they could power their homes in the event of a blackout.

Together, SA Power Networks and Reposit Power have developed and operate one of Australia’s largest Virtual Power Plants.

Reposit has Virtual Power Plants in all Eastern States across Australia.

13 September 2018
Contact: Kirsty Waterford

0432 469 794

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