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9 easy changes to reduce your electricity bill today

Written by Kirsty Waterford, on 24 Oct 2017 in Blog

Household electricity prices have increased by 63 per cent on top of inflation over the past decade, according to Australia’s Competition and Consumer Commission. On average it was reported that Australians are paying $1,524 for their power each year. Reducing your household...

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Simplest way to plug in and play without the cost

Written by Kirsty Waterford, on 20 Oct 2017 in Blog

Gone are the days when entertainment meant reading a book or going outside - these days we have more electronic devices than Australians have solar panels on their roof - considering 1.64 million of us have solar panels - that’s a lot...

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The how, what and why of home energy management

Written by Kirsty Waterford, on 18 Oct 2017 in Blog

What is energy management? Home energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy at your home. It is a way to see simply and clearly how much energy your household is consuming. With electricity prices on the rise squeezing...

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