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Solar Battery

Published May 16th, 2017 by Kirsty Waterford

Reposit GridCreditsSolar feed-in-tariffs have been dropping considerably in recent years, and arguably it is now not worth having solar without a battery system, as many households have found it cheaper to self-consume their solar energy.

But battery storage also provides additional benefits, with Reposit, households can earn GridCredits on top of their normal feed-in-tariff.

GridCredits are a world first energy storage trading system that is earned when energy is sold back to the National Electricity Market or network utilities.

Currently, select retailers offer Reposit customers the option to get more bang for their buck with GridCredits. When electricity demand is high, these retailers will buy reposit-controlled battery stored energy for a higher price compared with current feed-in-tariffs – earning participating customers GridCredits.

But, how much can you save and it is worth it? We certainly think so, but read what Solar Choice had to say.

How much can you really save with ‘selective export’ of solar & battery energy?


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