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Households encouraged to adopt solar to combat high electricity prices

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Media Release


Published December 14th, 2016 by Kirsty Waterford

Reposit Power is encouraging homeowners to combat increasing electricity bills by installing smart solar battery systems.

An Australian Energy Market Commission report released today shows that electricity prices could rise by $78 from mid next year.

Reposit Power CEO, Dean Spaccavento, said today that homeowners have the unique opportunity to both earn money by taking advantage of the volatile wholesale electricity market, and save on their electricity bills by installing smart solar battery systems, like Reposit.

“Electricity supply drops when coal-fired generators retire, causing increases in electricity prices,” Dean Spaccavento said.

“However, there is a real opportunity for homeowners to take advantage of this by selling electricity back to the grid and earning GridCredits.

“Reposit customers can earn substantial savings with GridCredits – a world first energy storage and trading system that allows households to compete head-to-head with big energy companies.”

“Households also have the added benefit of reducing their energy bills if they install a Reposit smart solar battery system.

“Reposit learns your electricity usage patterns and ensures your solar battery system only sources electricity from the lowest price energy – saving you money and reducing your electricity bill.

“It uses this knowledge along with weather reports to decide where electricity should be sourced from – the sun, or from charging the solar battery during cheap off-peak power periods.

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14 December 2016

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