Introducing GridCredits®, the easiest way to reduce your electricity bill

Reposit wants every household to be smarter with their bills.

Sell the stored energy in your solar battery to selected electricity companies for the highest possible price.

See what Reposit and your electricity company can do together

Reposit Power lets you reduce your electricity bill by selling the stored energy in your solar battery to selected power companies for the highest possible price.

Unique to Reposit Power, GridCredits® are a special kind of ‘currency’ reserved just for our customers.

GridCredits® are worth $1 each and appear as a credit on your electricity bill. You get GridCredits® in exchange for selling the excess solar energy in your battery back to the grid when you are an electricity plan with one of our partner electricity companies.

The amount you get depends on your location, electricity plan and the size of your solar set-up.

How do GridCredits® work?

Electricity companies need to meet electricity demands during times of peak energy usage (like on hot summer days when everyone is using their air conditioner).

If your home is signed up for GridCredits®, Reposit Power will send your stored solar power back to partner power companies to meet demand – earning you GridCredits in exchange. These are used to reduce your electricity bill.

GridCredits can be “flexible” or “fixed”.

  • You earn ‘flexible’ GridCredits by selling your stored energy when there is a spike in demand from energy companies like Diamond.
  • ‘Fixed’ GridCredits ensure you a fixed amount each quarter for supporting the grid when it is requested by energy companies like Powershop.

How do you get GridCredits?

To reduce your electricity bill with GridCredits®, you need to have a Reposit Powered solar and battery set-up installed – and you need to sign up for a GridCredits electricity plan from one of our partner GridCredits electricity companies.