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Reposit is with you every step of the way to make your install easy.

Instant Quote

1. Get an instant quote

5 minutes | By You

Simply complete our online Instant Quote.

Site Inspection

2. Book a site inspection

1 minute | By You

Let us know a suitable time for booking a site inspection using our online form.

3. Upload your electricity bills

5 minutes | By You

Everyone is different, we just need to double check all the details on the last 12 months of your electricity bills.

4. Site inspection day

45 minutes | By Reposit

One of our electricians will do a thorough inspection of your home to make sure it is right for No Bill™. To do this, we will need access to all external parts of your home.


5. Reposit No Bill™ quote & system design

5 minutes | By You

The team will provide an official quote, system design and terms and conditions for you to review.

6. Approving your Reposit No Bill™ system

10 minutes | By You

Please return the signed quote, terms and conditions, payment of a 10% deposit.

7. Transfer your electricity bills to Reposit

5 minutes | By You

On the day of your installation Reposit will contact you to arrange the transfer of your electricity bills to us for payment. Our team will call your electricity retailer first, do all of the waiting on hold and conference you in when the time is right, ready for you to simply say - send my bills to Reposit.


8. Installation date booked

3-4 weeks after payment | By Reposit

Upon receiving your deposit we will submit the required paperwork to connect your system to the grid. Once we have approval from the grid operator, we will contact you within 5 business days with an installation date.

9. Payment of Balance

48 hour prior to install | By You

The balance of your invoice will need to be paid prior to the installation commencing. You'll be sent a reminder about this.

10. Installation of your system

2-3 days | By Reposit

On the day of your installation, you can expect the equipment to be delivered and our friendly electricians to arrive. Please provide adequate access to the site, an area for equipment to be unloaded, and that all pets are secured.

11. Smart meter install

Within 14 days after install | By Reposit

Smart Meter - If you don't already have a smart meter installed, your electricity retailer will be visiting the property to install the new smart meter in your meter board. You don't need to be home when they are onsite and we will provide you with an estimated time of arrival.


12. Battery Inspection

Within 30 days after install | By Reposit

A Government inspector will contact you directly to arrange a battery inspection. This will be different depending on the state you reside in. ACT: all batteries are inspected under the NextGen Rebate NSW: Whilst it is not a requirement to inspect all battery installation, the inspectors try to get to as many sites as possible.


13. Enjoy Reposit No Bill™

Within 30 days after install | By You

Your purchase is complete. Wave bye bye to electricity bills for the next 5 years. Stay warm in winter, cool in summer, turn on your clothes dryer and boil your kettle at any time of the day, knowing we have your bill covered.

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