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Harness the energy revolution with Reposit Fleet

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Super Intelligent

Reposit Fleet is the intelligent VPP platform you've been waiting for

Build and use VPPs to grow and sustain your business by working with millions of consumers who are increasingly choosing solar and batteries.

Reposit Fleet is secure and as an online application connects seamlessly with thousands of homes and businesses to create adaptable VPPs, instantly.

Empowers consumers to partner with networks and retailers through a low cost behind the meter gateway while protecting your brand.

Who can use Reposit Fleet?

  • Networks
  • Retailers
  • Property developers
  • Solar installers
  • Community groups

Get a glimpse of what Reposit Fleet can do for you and reach your full potential now.

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Real-time digital relationships with your consumers

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Virtual Power Plants

What are Virtual Power Plants (VPP) and why are they important?

A VPP is a group of customer owned PV and batteries that can respond to your commands in realtime. In other words, your very own collection of distributed generators that can increase or lower demand at short notice.

VPPs help solve grid challenges that arise from wholesale market volatility, peaks in demand and generation, and poor power quality. Simply put, VPPs are your solution to a reliable and cost effective electricity grid.

  • Power quality management - power factor and voltage control
  • Network support
  • Customer network data
  • Wholesale market
  • Ancillary services market
  • Tariff and billing management
  • Geographical information
  • Whole of fleet management
  • System diagnosis and fault monitoring

Harness the energy revolution with Reposit Fleet

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