About Reposit Power

Our mission is to make energy free, clean and plentiful. Join the world’s leading home energy experts and build ground breaking software that helps our customers maximise solar, save money and save the planet.

We are based in Canberra, one of the top cities in the world according to Lonely Planet. We have plenty of world class cafes and restaurants, a wide variety of cultural groups, short commutes to work and free parking for all at the Reposit office.

The Team

You would be working in the heart of the Engineering team of 8-10 people of which Dev Ops makes up 2-3 people. You will report directly to the CTO.

We have a mostly Python tech stack with web and mobile apps written in React. This all sits in Google Cloud Platform with a small footprint hosted in an IaaS data centre. Deployment and infrastructure is managed via a popular Infrastructure as Code tools.

The Engineering team keeps a busy but relaxed environment - we follow a high-level 3 month roadmap and use Kanban methodologies for the day-to-day. We use continuous delivery where new features are released as they are ready. Design work is collaborative involving many members of the team to identify the best possible solutions. We believe in continuous improvement and hold regular retrospectives to improve and streamline our practices. On Fridays we share knowledge with short presentations and relax with a drink.

Job Description

As a DevOps Engineer you will:

  • Manage our services and Cloud infrastructure
  • Ensure the reliability of our Virtual Power Plants
  • Help meet SLAs and SLOs
  • Monitor system health and performance
  • Improve internal CI/CD pipelines


We’re looking for talented DevOps Engineers and Sysadmins that know their way around a data centre and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty with linux, networking, cloud and deployment. You don’t need to be familiar with our entire tech stack but you will have a desire to learn what you don’t know and solve the challenges we throw at you. Successful candidates will:

  • Be motivated and excited by complex problems
  • Have several years experience as a Sysadmin, DevOps Engineer, SRE or Developer
  • Be a Linux pro who is comfortable with network diagnostics using tools like tcpdump and arp
  • Have a strong knowledge of managing and using automation software such as SaltStack, Puppet, Ansible or Chef
  • Be able to monitor and identify issues in production quickly
  • Be available for 24/7 on-call on a periodic basis for which you are remunerated in addition to your salary


  • Be constantly challenged by complex and varied problems that you’ll solve with cutting edge solutions.
  • Feel good about helping to save the planet and transition to a greener future.
  • Flexible working hours including optional work from home days.
  • Be part of a fun and talented team that consistently punches above our weight but doesn’t take ourselves too seriously.
  • Free parking, free coffee, free biscuits, free beer.

Our Values

At Reposit we like to build a strong culture and maintain the following values:

  • Tenacity - don’t let barriers stand in your way
  • Visionary - we are forward thinkers who find opportunities where others don’t
  • Engineering Rigour - creative solutions in analytical ways
  • Approachable - we want people to feel comfortable
  • Passionate - enjoy what you do and believe in its importance
  • No Fuss - engage simply and honestly

Application Process

Apply via the job ad on LinkedIn.

Don’t worry if you don’t meet all the requirements, we’re just looking for passionate, experienced, keen to learn, smart people - apply anyway and let us know what your strengths are.

The process works as follows:

  • Applications will be initially screened and a select few will be phone interviewed.
  • If the phone interview goes well you will be issued the “Tech Task” - a deliberately open ended take-home assignment to show off your skills. You’ll then meet with the team to talk us through what you have created.
  • If your Tech Task wows us you will be invited to a non-technical, 3 hour “Topgrading” interview with key personnel from our Senior Leadership Team.

We are looking for the best of the best and understand the above process is a big ask. We aim to be respectful with your time and if you make it through we think you’re really special.