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Australia’s largest virtual power plant in operation with help from Reposit

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Media Release

Electricity Grid

Published December 16th, 2016 by Kirsty Waterford

Powered by Reposit, South Australia has the largest operational virtual power plant (VPP) in Australia.

The virtual power station, equivalent to a 300kVA diesel generator, was achieved as part of a unique SA Power Networks led trial involving residents from Salisbury.

The final Reposit solar battery system in the virtual power plant trial was installed this week.

Reposit Chief Operations Officer, Luke Osborne, said that the trial has assisted residents to become actively involved with the electricity system, and with Reposit, they can collectively provide stability to the South Australian grid when needed.

“Working with networks, households are no longer passive consumers of the electricity system,” Luke Osborne said.

“Reposit puts the control back into consumer hands.

“With Reposit, household energy can automatically be sold back to the National Electricity Market or network operator when demand is high.

“When needed, the trial allows SA Power Networks to tap into that excess energy to stabilise the network – creating a virtual power plant.”

“Virtual power plant offer an exciting opportunity for consumers to be actively involved with the electricity system.

“Virtual power plant offer a simple way for all Australians to have reliable, affordable, renewable energy.

“Reposit is a conduit between energy providers and consumers, facilitating an electricity distribution network that supports consumer choice.”

“The virtual power plant trial will provide valuable insights into how technology like Reposit can be utilised to maximise benefits for both consumers, and networks.”

The trial, that started in July, is expected to last three years and is already showing how solar battery systems influence the way consumers use the network.
16 December 2016

Kirsty Waterford:
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